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If your heart beats faster when you enter an antique shop or used bookstore; if you think it’s a bit dreary that women no longer wear white gloves and pearls; if the sight of a cameo brooch makes you just a little bit giddy, then you and I are kindred spirits. Welcome to my world!

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The purpose behind “A Sparkling Vintage Life” is to recover a lost civilization–a civilization where truth, beauty, and goodness triumph over ugliness, nihilism, and despair. If you’re anything like me, and the modern world occasionally makes you long for the grace and elegance of the past (with rose-colored glasses firmly in place), then visit my blog, A Sparkling Vintage Life, where I’ll write about celebrating the best of the past and incorporating vintage “grace notes” into a twenty-first century life.

I am also a storyteller. I love to write inspirational historical fiction, especially stories set in the early twentieth century, from the Edwardian era through the Great Depression. To come along on my fiction journey and learn more about my current work-in-progress, visit the Fiction page.

The cat’s pajamas! Rich in jazzy details of 1920s Chicago, You¹re the Cream in My Coffee is a sparkling debut novel. With an adventurous heroine, intriguing side characters, and a thought-provoking message, this story will keep you riveted. Jennifer Lamont Leo is a name to watch in historical fiction! —Sarah Sundin, award-winning author of Anchor in the Storm

I also write the occasional nonfiction article, blog post, or essay, often on topics of historical interest. To learn about those, go to Nonfiction.

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