A Sparkling Vintage Life

Episode 35: The Sparkling Vintage Values of Queen Elizabeth II

Episode 34: 6 Reasons I Love My Fine China

Episode 33: Cruising, Vintage Style

Episode 32: Random Thoughts on Ripped Jeans

Episode 31: Where Do We Go from Here?

Episode 30: The Great American Road Trip

Episode 29: He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

Episode 28: 10 Top Tips for Working From Home

Episode 27: 12 Sparkling Vintage Ways to Tackle Tough Times

Episode 26: Be My Valentine

Episode 25: Boxing Day

Episode 24: A Sparkling Short Story: The Christmas Robe

Episode 23: 9 Ways to Ease the Holiday Blues

Episode 22: Sparkling Vintage Football!

Episode 21: 7 Reasons I Love Downton Abbey

Episode 20: Here Come the Coeds! College Women of Yesteryear

Episode 19: Heat Wave! 31 Vintage Ways to Beat the Heat

Episode 18.5 (minisode): Courtesy in a Violent World

Episode 18: Front Porch Life

Episode 17: An Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social

Episode 16: Time for Tea!

Episode 15: Memorial Day

Episode 14: Is Choral Singing the New Prozac?

Episode 13: Joy in the Morning

Episode 12: Sparkling Vintage Motherhood

Episode 11: The Well-Dressed Vintage Traveler

Episode 10: Listener Q&A

Episode 9: 3 Favorite Vintage Beauty Products

Episode 8: Spring Cleaning

Episode 7: What the Heck is Home Ec?

Episode 6: For the Love of Antiques Shops

Episode 5: What is Charm? part deux: 20 Shortcuts to Charm

Episode 4: What is Charm?

Episode 3: Swearing: Yea or nay?

Episode 2: The Woman’s Institute and Mary Brooks Picken

Episode 1: Introduction to “A Sparkling Vintage Life”