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In 1928, Chicago rocks to the rhythm of the Jazz Age, and Prohibition’s in full swing. Small-town girl Marjorie Corrigan, visiting the city for the first time, has sworn that coffee’s the strongest thing that will pass her lips. But her quiet, orderly life turns topsy-turvy when she spots her high school sweetheart—presumed killed in the Great War—alive and well in a train station. Suddenly everything seems up for grabs.
You’re the Cream in My Coffee available at Amazon

Can glamorous jazz singer Dot Rodgers and  conservative small-town businessman Charlie Corrigan find happiness together in Roaring Twenties Chicago? Pick up Aint’ Misbehavin’ and find out! The much-anticipated sequel to You’re the Cream in My Coffee. 
Ain’t Misbehavin’ available at Amazon

Selling perfume in a department store is far from the life Helen Corrigan envisioned when she headed for Hollywood with stars in her eyes. Screenwriter Rusty Noble has one goal in mind: to make moving pictures that uplift and inspire their audiences. When Helen and Rusty team up, will they set Hollywood on fire? Or burn all their bridges behind them? The delightful third book in the Corrigan Sisters series.
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Chicago, 1928. Pampered socialite Connie Shepherd lives the kind of glossy life other women read about in the society pages. Engaged to a handsome financier, she spends her days and nights in a dizzying social round. When eccentric Aunt Pearl, an amateur chemist, offers her an unusual wedding present—the formula for a home-brewed skin tonic—Connie laughs it off. But when the Great Depression flings her privileged world into chaos and rocks her marriage to the core, will Aunt Pearl’s strange gift provide the key to survival for Connie and her baby?

By turns heartbreaking and hope-filled, Moondrop Miracle tells the story of an extraordinary and unforgettable woman whose determination to succeed changes her life forever.
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July 1944. Chicago nurse Clara Janacek has spent her whole life taking care of other people. Grumpy yet loveable, all she wants now is to live out her life in peace, tending her roses and protecting her heart. But beneath the gruff exterior lies a story, and when new neighbors move in and shake up her quiet world, Clara must grapple with long-buried realities.

July 1915. The picnic across Lake Michigan was to be the highlight of the summer for young nurse Clara—a day filled with laughter, dancing, and budding romance aboard a stately excursion steamer. But when unspeakable tragedy strikes, Clara’s life is changed forever. By turns funny, tender, and bittersweet, The Rose Keeper celebrates the redemptive hope found in friendship, faith, and the search for belonging.
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With the shadow of the Great War looming on the horizon, small-town waitress Francie Forrester must choose between two competing passions: her love of grand opera and her feelings for pre-law student Henry Jasper. Nothing in her background has prepared her for success on the grand opera stage. Nor would she fit easily into Henry’s world of wealth and privilege. With only her faith to guide her, she must make a choice that will alter her life forever.

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