A Sparkling Vintage Life

thingsmoneycantbuy-851x1024-e1307460476653-300x203I stumbled across this older post by Dr. Julie-Ann at Modern Retro Woman titled “Seven Reasons I Love Being a 1950s Style Woman” that so gracefully expresses what I feel about vintage living that I want you to head over there right now and read it.

My favorite reason is #5: The “We Can Do Anything” Optimism. I also like #3 on the difference between being “feminine” and “girly.” I get called “girly” a lot, although in middle age, I’m clearly not.

And for those who might be inclined to pounce on all that was terrible about the 1950s, Dr. Julie-Ann followed up with a post about “Seven Reasons I’m Glad I’m NOT a 1950s Woman.”

Have a happy, sparkling Sunday!