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Sparkling Vintage Fall

Dressing with a Vintage Vibe (31 Days of a Sparkling Vintage Fall, Day 8)

I was THRILLED to stumble upon this kindred spirit in all things vintage. Her name is Lilly Jarlsson and she lives in Germany. We share a similar philosophy of vintage-but-not-costumey (but she does it so very much more charmingly than I do. I have much to learn!). Check out her YouTube channel and enjoy this video on dressing with a vintage vibe for fall and winter.

Fun Leaf Crafts (31 Days of a Sparkling Vintage Fall, Day 3)

miss autumnA fun autumn activity is collecting and preserving colorful leaves. The Victorians loved to collect leaves and use them in all sorts of ways. Here are some twenty-first century ideas:

Photo source: Ephemera Society

Photo source: Ephemera Society

First, go out and collect your leaves–the perfect excuse for taking a long ramble through your yard, garden, or neighborhood. Choose a variety of fresh, colorful fallen leaves in good condition.

Next, bring them home and preserve them. Home Science Discovery suggests 3 simple methods of preserving leaves, using glycerin, waxed paper, or a

Pressed leaf garland, Dabbletree (http://vrya.net)

Pressed leaf garland, Dabbletree


Finally, enjoy them! Frame them, singly or in groups, to hang on the wall. Country Living offers some clever ideas for decorating with pressed leaves. Or you could mount them on a scrapbook page or greeting card, or encase them in jewelry.


Fall Housecleaning (31 Days of a Sparkling Vintage Fall, Day 2)

cleaning mirrorYou thought spring cleaning was over? Welcome to fall cleaning! According to Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions for Housekeeping by Miriam Lukken, here’s what the diligent housekeeper takes care of in the fall:

Clean and clear out cellar and attic.
Wash all blankets and sun the heavy quilts.Clean, mend, and put by furs, thick clothes, winter hats, and winter bedding.
Replace summer curtains with winter drapes.
Remove, clean, and store summer slipcovers.
Wax the furniture.
Clean lamps and shades.
Hang carpets for a good beating and then sun them for a day.
Sun and air mattresses and pillows.
Turn mattresses.

Cheryl Mendelson, in her housekeeping tome Home Comforts, adds these tasks:

Wash mirrors.
Clean the oven.
Wax floors.
Wash or wax woodwork.
Organize used drawers, cabinets, closets.
Dust blinds and shades, door tops, and other hard-to-reach areas where dust may collect.
Wash windows, storm windows, and screens.
Clean blades of ceiling fans.
Remove out-of-season clothing from closet, clean and store it, replace with seasonal clothing.
Clean and polish gems, jewelry, silver, brass, copper.
Have the piano tuned.
Vacuum books.
Move and clean underneath heavy appliances and furniture.

Mendelson writes, “Fall cleaning is an excellent way to usher in the holiday season with its extra entertaining. You can do a fall cleaning instead of or in addition to a spring cleaning. Or you can do an additional fall cleaning in some years and not in others. . . . Fall cleaning should be done . . . typically in September and, at least in the cooler climates, no later than mid-October.” She adds that, during a full seasonal cleaning, “you should plan on having no guests and doing only light cooking.”


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