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Announcing a new Roaring Twenties Short Story: Playing for Keeps

Sparklers, I’ve been busy! Not only am I in the middle of editorial revisions to the as-yet-untitled sequel to You’re the Cream in My Coffee, but I’ve written a new Roaring Twenties Short Story. This time the story stars Helen Corrigan, Marjorie’s younger sister, who travels aboard the Northern Pacific to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to visit an old school chum. Idaho is nothing like Helen expected–and neither is Maisie. This is a sweet, tender short story of a spirited girl teetering on the brink of womanhood. If you enjoyed You’re the Cream in My Coffee, you’ll love “Playing for Keeps“–and so will your daughter and granddaughter, your kid sister and niece, and any other young (and older!) ladies you know.

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WinnerS of the Sparkling Vintage Mug-ging giveaway

Source: Greg Lamont

Source: Greg Lamont

Edited to add: Okay, sometimes it pays to reread one’s own posts. I see that I had promised to pick TWO winners of a mug and a book! So there’s been a second random mugging! MINDY HOOVER is our second mug-gee. Congratulations, Mindy!

Somebody just got mugged! Marcia Whetsel of Careywood, Idaho, won the drawing for the mug and book. Congratulations, Marcia! And thanks, everyone, for participating. More giveaways will be coming up soon.

book-launch-photoThe book-launch party in Sandpoint, Idaho, last weekend went great. I didn’t count how many people came, but it seemed like quite a crowd. I’m sure the rainy weather helped. I thought I was going to run out of books and be embarrassed by my poor planning, but providentially they stretched to the end. Only two people graciously accepted an IOU for later delivery of their books, and they were very good friends. (Growing up, if we had dinner guests and looked to be running low on some coveted food item, the whispered code was “FHB”–family hold back–to assure there’d be plenty for the guests.  I felt as if I’d whispered FHB to my sisters!) I had no idea so many people would want to buy my book. But I’m so glad they did! And another shipment arrives today, so it’s all good.book-launch-photo2

This coming weekend, I’ll be speaking at the Idaho Writers League annual conference in Coeur d’Alene, on writing for the inspirational fiction market. Please pray that my remarks are well received, helpful, and encouraging to aspiring authors.

I’m ready to stop talking about the book for a while, just as you’re no doubt ready to stop hearing about it. Look for some new posts on other vintage-related topics coming up soon!




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