A Sparkling Vintage Life

Charles Farrell

Sparkling Vintage movie: Lucky Star

lucky starI had the pleasure of watching Lucky Star on TCM the other night. It was produced in 1929, one of the last silent films to come out of Twentieth Century Fox  before the talkie era. It is a sweet, if fairly predictable, romance about two World War I vets–one a rich scallywag, the other honorable but minus the use of his legs–vying for the affections of a young farm girl played by Janet Gaynor. The girl’s widowed mother pushes her to marry Rich Scallywag and thereby lift the family out of poverty. But the girl’s heart, natch, belongs to Winsome in a Wheelchair.

Interestingly, this film was believed lost forever, but a pristine copy of it was unearthed in Amsterdam in the 1980s.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of silent spun-sugar, you can catch it on YouTube.





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