A Sparkling Vintage Life

shorey loves sweet beginning“A lady marries well. Her husband earns their livelihood.” The bed creaked as Mother sank onto the edge and covered her face with her hands. “Your reputation will be ruined.”

Cassie Haddon’s widowed mother has raised her to be a lady . . . which may have been well and good in the gentler world before the war, but in the post-Civil War West, with no kinfolk to rely on and no practical skills, Cassie has to figure out a way to support them both. Working for a living isn’t easy, but it’s better than relying on the charity of friends. When she takes a job in a grocery over her mother’s vehement objections, Cassie doesn’t count on developing feelings for Jacob West, the store’s owner. Neither does she count on her mother conjuring up a more “suitable” man for her to marry. If you’d enjoy a light, sweet inspirational romance set in the 1860s, give Ann Shorey’s Love’s Sweet Beginning a whirl. It’s the third book in the Sisters at Heart series, but the story also stands well on its own.

Disclosure: I’ve been given a review copy of this book by the publisher. This generosity, while appreciated, has not biased my review. I also post some of my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.