A Sparkling Vintage Life

housekeeping2Got your spring cleaning done yet, Sparklers? Here’s a delightful passage from A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband (published 1917), included in a chapter titled “In Housekeeping Time.” Bettina’s recipe for banana salad is at the end. Enjoy, and happy housekeeping!

“‘Goodness gracious, Ruth!’ said Bettina. ‘Surely it can’t be half-past five already!’

‘Yes it is, Bettina. Exactly that!’ said Ruth, glancing at her tiny wrist watch. ‘But Bob won’t be home till six, will he?”

“No, but I want to have dinner ready when he arrives. You see, as I told you before, I simply shouldn’t have gone to Mary’s this afternoon. My curtains are down and my rugs are up, and my house isn’t an attractive place for a man to come home to, to say the least. And then to come straight from a party and give Bob a pick-up lunch instead of a full mean, will be–”

“The last straw? What had you planned for lunch?”

“Well, I have some soup all made, ready to reheat. Then I think I’ll have banana salad, tea, and hot baking-powder biscuits.”

“De-licious!” said Ruth, with a grin. “I believe I’ll invite myself to stay!”

“Good! You can make the salad while I’m mixing the biscuits. I also have some chocolate cookies, and I’ll open a jar of canned peaches–”

“And I’ll be so bright and scintillating that old Bobbie won’t even miss the curtains and the rugs!”