A Sparkling Vintage Life

miss autumnA fun autumn activity is collecting and preserving colorful leaves. The Victorians loved to collect leaves and use them in all sorts of ways. Here are some twenty-first century ideas:

Photo source: Ephemera Society

Photo source: Ephemera Society

First, go out and collect your leaves–the perfect excuse for taking a long ramble through your yard, garden, or neighborhood. Choose a variety of fresh, colorful fallen leaves in good condition.

Next, bring them home and preserve them. Home Science Discovery suggests 3 simple methods of preserving leaves, using glycerin, waxed paper, or a

Pressed leaf garland, Dabbletree (http://vrya.net)

Pressed leaf garland, Dabbletree


Finally, enjoy them! Frame them, singly or in groups, to hang on the wall. Country Living offers some clever ideas for decorating with pressed leaves. Or you could mount them on a scrapbook page or greeting card, or encase them in jewelry.