A Sparkling Vintage Life

work cartoon

“Naturally you will bid a pleasant “Good morning” to the people in your office when you come in. But don’t feel you must disturb anyone who is already at work and does not look up as you pass, merely to make him answer your greeting. Don’t chatter every time another employee is near you. One of the most important things to learn in an office is when talk is in order and when silence is golden. If you are in doubt, you had better try silence.

“In any event, keep away from office tittle-tattle–gossiping about salaries, the officers, and the blond girl upstairs. Make it a point of honor not to reveal confidential business matters to outsiders.

“Be friendly and obliging to all your associates, but don’t try to force friendships. Let these develop gradually, and you will avoid the risk of being snubbed. Don’t make the captivation of members of the other sex your chief occupation. When people show themselves overeager for attention, they appear to be too easily won to be worth winning.

“Probably the most unpopular workers in an organization are the officious ones. They meddle in other people’s affairs and importantly tell them how their jobs should be done, although oftentimes their advice is extremely poor. They may even snoop and carry tales. Yet they wonder why others avoid them.”

(from THIS WAY PLEASE by Eleanor Boykin, c. 1948)