A Sparkling Vintage Life


“Conscious assumption of correct posture each morning will be a little reminder of what to watch for during the day. And do remember that good posture is something that must be worked for continuously, not just at exercise time. Nothing adds to the distinction of your appearance more than beautiful posture and erect carriage. The most inexpensive dress can be made more attractive when it is worn by a girl who stands and walks well. No matter how costly a frock may be, it loses its smart effect if the wearer of it slouches her shoulders or has a protruding stomach or pitches her head forward.” (Veronica Dengel, 1943)

What constitutes correct posture? Miss Dengel advises tightening your backside as you “think tall” from the waistline up to the armpits and pull your shoulders back and down and lift your head upward from the back of the neck, not from the chin.

“Gone will be the swayed back,” she promises, “the protruding abdomen and shoulder blades, the slumped shoulders, the pitched head carriage which makes you look so anxious to get somewhere that your head seems way in advance of the rest of you!”

There you have it, ladies. Sit up straight, and when you walk, walk tall.

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