A Sparkling Vintage Life

Hello, Sparklers. It’s been a busy summer in Leo-land!

I submitted a novella to Barbour Publishing for inclusion in the LUMBERJACKS AND LADIES collection coming in February 2022. My story, “Undercover Logger,” is a lighthearted tale about a logger in northern Idaho who’s not what he seems. When he falls in love with the owner of the company, a recently widowed woman who knows precious little about logging, chaos ensues…especially since it appears that somebody has been stealing her logs! The collection also includes novellas by Pegg Thomas, Candice Sue Patterson, and Naomi Musch–all great writers whose stories you’ll love. Preorder your copy of LUMBERJACKS AND LADIES today.


A kind reader alerted me that MOONDROP MIRACLE was mentioned in this sweet cottagecore-themed YouTube video by Darling Desi! The mention pops up at the 21:18 mark if you want to take a peek. The whole video has a rather Anne of Green Gables vibe and is fun to watch if you, too, consider yourself a “kindred spirit.” She mentions several other intriguing-sounding books, like Miss Buncle’s Book by D. E. Stevenson, which makes me feel I’m in good company.


As most of you know, a central event in my novel THE ROSE KEEPER is the Eastland disaster on the Chicago River, 106 years ago, in which 844 lives were lost. An excellent, short video documentary of that tragedy has been posted on YouTube by Fascinating Horror.


And last but not least … drumroll, please … I’m thrilled to reveal the cover of LOVE’S GRAND SWEET SONG, the third book in the Windy City Hearts series, slated to be published in early 2022. The story opens shortly before World War I and the as-yet-unnamed heroine is a diner waitress who rises to become an opera star in–where else?–Chicago. If you loved MOONDROP MIRACLE and THE ROSE KEEPER, I know you’re going to love this one just as much, if not more! Keep watching for preorder details and other news.

Happy reading, Sparklers!