A Sparkling Vintage Life

2013-03-13 07.26.48I found this gorgeous beaded evening bag in a consignment shop in Geneva, Illinois. It’s a reproduction, but so au courant for the 1920s that I’m sure Marjorie would approve.

I very seldom get the opportunity to carry an evening bag, as I don’t go to many formal events. Indeed, in North Idaho there are not that many formal events to go to, period. It’s not unheard of to wear jeans to weddings, for example.

But even in the urban centers, there are fewer occasions to dress up and pull out all the stops. No longer is there any differentiation between day and evening clothes, between everyday workwear and “Sunday best.” I think that’s a huge loss.  I prefer some differentiation in clothing. I don’t want to go out to a nice restaurant in the same clothes I wear to weed the garden.

Casual clothing is supposed to be the “great equalizer.” If we’re all slobs, all the time, no one can tell us apart from each other. Maybe that’s the point.

I get weary of the tired excuse that nice clothing is “too expensive,” so we should all wear jeans and sweats to, say, church so no one feels bad or “less than.” Oh, please. Neat, respectable clothes, including (gasp!) skirts and dresses, are available at all price points, including WalMart and thrift shops. If you’re willing to dress nicely for a job interview or a client meeting, you should at least be willing to do as much for your Lord, IMO.

Interesting how a simple little evening bag has ruffled my feathers today. I’ll have to do some more thinking about formality of dress, and dressing appropriately for different activities, and why the topic presses my hot button.

What about you? Do you wear the same style of clothing from morning to night, seven days a week? What, if any, activities or occasions inspire you to bring out a special outfit? If you’re an “all jeans, all the time” sort of person, is it for comfort? Blending in? Practicality?

I’ll post more on this topic after I’ve had a chance to ponder it for a while. Meanwhile, I think I’ll hang my evening bag on the wall as a piece of wearable art! And maybe once in a while I’ll trot it out in public, just to shake people up.