A Sparkling Vintage Life

hot fudge sundaeIce cream!

Did you know that George Washington was a big fan of the chilly, creamy confection? I didn’t. I assumed it was a much later invention, relying on refrigeration and all.

Turns out that ice cream dates back to at least the second century B. C. According to the International Dairy Foods Association, “Alexander the Great enjoyed snow and ice flavored with honey and nectar.” Hey, it was mighty hot work, conquering the Persian Empire!

Historical notables like Marco Polo and Catherine de Medici got in on the ice-cream act, and the delicious stuff eventually made its way to the New World with waves of immigrants. Nancy Johnson is credited with inventing the hand-cranked ice-cream freezer in 1846. The Prohibition years in the United States were boon times for ice cream, as many bars and taverns no longer selling liquor were converted into ice cream parlors and soda fountains.

And who remembers chasing after the Good Humor ice cream truck as it chimed its way down the street?  good humor

Whether your ice cream is hand-cranked, poured into a cone by your local soft-serve emporium, or grabbed from the freezer case at the grocery store, grab yourself a spoon and tuck in!