A Sparkling Vintage Life

power outageA 33-hour power outage, caused by high winds and downed trees, set me back a day or two in my posting. We are blessed indeed that no trees fell on our house, and that we have access to a propane-powered generator that we turned on a couple of times a day, although we mostly left it off to preserve fuel.

Inconvenience aside, being without power made for a calm and peaceful weekend. How?

*No computer access meant no Internet distractions. I was able to think, read, and write for hours at a stretch.

*Except for the periodic hum of generators and the distant buzz of chainsaws cutting up downed trees, the neighborhood was remarkably quiet, especially at night.

*The complete lack of “light pollution” made for deeper sleep. And a candlelit house at night felt relaxing and pleasant.

*Above all, I’m so grateful for our usual state of having electricity and running water. So much of the world’s population has neither. This weekend reminded me never to take these provisions for granted but to be thankful for them every day.

So how does this all relate to 31 Days of Vintage Summer? Day 3’s suggestion is to power down for a day. Shut off the lights, the television, the electronic devices. Silence the senseless chatter and tune in to the sounds of nature. Talk to friends and family face-to-face. Play board games, or go outside and play tag in the twilight. Putter in the garden. Linger at the dinner table after a simple supper of sandwiches or salad. Light candles. Pick up a guitar and sing.

Summer’s a great time to remember, at least for one day, what it’s like to live off the grid.