A Sparkling Vintage Life

William Henry Margetson (British artist, 1861-1940) Woman on Terrace

“Woman on Terrace” by William Henry Margetson (1861-1940)

A scorching summer afternoon is best spent on a shady porch with a chilled glass of iced tea close at hand. Here’s a sweet poem I found while bopping around the Web. I don’t know how old it is, but the poet is Nan Sexton.

Out on the veranda
on a tablecloth of lace
She’s laid out her cups of china
in their dignity and grace.
She’s set the wicker rockers
near the morning glory vine
and she’s taking off her apron
for the clock has struck its chime.
It’s early Sunday evening
and the supper table’s spread
with her bowl of homemade jelly
and her plate of fresh baked bread.
Three minute eggs are ready
as he steps through the screen door
to their days of tea and sunshine
¬†golden days they’ve had in store.
While the balmy breezes rustle
summer leaves upon the tree
 the golden couple reminisces
of the things that use to be.
Then a neighbor stops to linger
near the steps, at end of day
to partake of tea and sunshine
in the good old-fashioned way.
Many summers have they lived there
many falls and winters, too
many promises of springtime
kept their faces bright and new.
Now, they’re happy, though they’re aging
just to see the daytime’s end
and to share the tea and sunshine
from their back porch once again.