A Sparkling Vintage Life

sea breeze adWhen I was a teenager, with typical oil-gushing teenage skin, I loved an astringent called Sea Breeze. Year round I wiped it over my face with a cotton ball after washing. I loved the scent and the zing-y way it made my skin feel. In hot weather I’d not only use it on my face but splash it all over my body after a bath or shower, and it restored me to the land of the cheerful and not-quite-so-hard-to-live-with. I thought that I was a very modern and sophisticated girl and didn’t realize that Sea Breeze had been around since 1906! (I even remember seeing the ad pictured above–that’s Mary McDonough, the actress who played Erin on The Waltons).

Then I got older, and Sea Breeze blew away. One day I looked for it and found Sea Breeze “Naturals” and Sea Breeze “Actives” but not the plain old Sea Breeze I’d known and loved.

Hallelujah, now I see that Sea Breeze “Original” is back, and it’s available at Walmart for an incredibly reasonable price. So on some super-steamy August day, pick up a bottle and start splashing. You’ll be glad you did!