A Sparkling Vintage Life

ravinia 1923

Program from Chicago’s Ravinia Park, 1923

Before we moved away from the Chicago area, I loved going to Ravinia Park each summer. Long the summer home of the world-class Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Ravinia hosts music of nearly all genres, from classical to jazz to pop. Even when seating was available on the covered pavilion, I preferred to stretch out on a blanket on the vast lawn, gazing up at the stars while the melodies and harmonies swirled around me. There was something almost magical about sitting outside on a summer night, listening to great music.

Band shell, Grant Park, circa 1940s

Band shell, Grant Park, circa 1940s

Imagine my delight, then, when we discovered that our new home in northern Idaho also boasts an acclaimed summer music event, the Festival at Sandpoint, where I can enjoy the Spokane Symphony every bit as much as the CSO, minus the huge crowds that Ravinia draws. And so I continue to spend several summer evenings–you guessed it–lying on a blanket under the stars, beautiful music carried on the breeze.

From large-scale music festivals to community bandshells to casual buskers in the park, keep an ear out for music in the open air Then spread out your blanket or set up your favorite lawn chair and prepare to be enchanted.