A Sparkling Vintage Life

Episode 1: Introduction

This episode is an introduction to a new podcast called A Sparkling Vintage Life Host Jennifer Leo explains how she came to love all things vintage and sometimes feels as if she was meant to live in an earlier era. Through A Sparkling Vintage Life she’ll be celebrating the best of the past and discussing ways to incorporate vintage elements into a 21-century woman’s life. She welcomes kindred spirits to join her on the journey!

(And, yes, the sound quality needs work. “She” is still learning… appreciate your patience!)

The Sparkling Vintage Ladies’ Reading Circle

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You’re the Cream in My Coffee
Ain’t Misbehavin’

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One Response to Episode 1: Introduction

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    Jennifer Lamont Leo says:

    In a weird way, I kind of like the tinny quality of this first podcast. It sounds sort of like old-time radio. But in case it grates on your ears, the sound quality improves in subsequent episodes. 🙂

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