A Sparkling Vintage Life

Tada! Another cover reveal!

Heeeere’s Dottie! And sweet Charlie, dressed up in his finest. Ain’t Misbehavin’ will soon be sporting this spiffy new cover to go alongside You’re the Cream in My Coffee. As Dot might say, “Whadja think, sister?”

Episode 4: What is Charm?

She’s charming. He’s a charmer. Prince Charming. When you hear someone described as “charming,” what images does it bring to mind? Listen in as Jennifer tries to dissect what writers of the past have said about the quality of charm, and what it...

Episode 3: Swearing – Yea or Nay?

Using foul language is increasingly popular these days. Some even say that swearing is a sign of superior intelligence and creativity. But does cussing add value to A Sparkling Vintage Life? We’re guessing you know our thoughts on the answer. Article:...