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Sparkling Vintage Book Review: Excellent Women by Barbara Pym

Excellent WomenExcellent Women by Barbara Pym
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was the first Pym book I ever read, and it got me hooked, back in the 1980s. Love her quiet English wit and observations on her characters’ small but interesting worlds. Reading her books makes me pay more attention to the details of my own quiet life, which occasionally teems with drama. So happy to see this new edition. Pretty cover!

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Sparkling Vintage Life: What to Bring Back from Yesteryear

One more Lilly Jarlsson video… (Yes, I’m letting her do my speaking for me today, lol. She does it so well.)

I’ve often said that I don’t wish to simply turn back the clock and live in the past. There is much to love about modern life, and much to loathe about days gone by. Still, there are ASPECTS of the past, particularly in regards to public life, that we would do well to bring back.

In this video Lilly reflects on things from the past that she wishes we could bring back from the past, including:

Quality over quantity
Local shopping
Artists with talent
Good grooming

What would you bring back from the past, if you could?

Sparkling Vintage Style: Lounging Around

Here’s another great video from vintage-wear icon Lilly Jarlsson. Love her! This time she talks about what to wear when lounging around at home.

I, too, hate jeans, plus my body shape is not the least bit flattered by jeans. So why do I keep wearing them?? *sigh* Old habits die hard. Bring on the soft cotton and rayon!

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