A Sparkling Vintage Life

What Readers are Saying

Advance praise for You’re the Cream in My Coffee:

The cat’s pajamas! Rich in jazzy details of 1920s Chicago, You¹re the Cream in My Coffee is a sparkling debut novel. With an adventurous heroine, intriguing side characters, and a thought-provoking message, this story will keep you riveted. Jennifer Lamont Leo is a name to watch in historical fiction!

Sarah Sundin, award-winning author of Anchor in the Storm

Every single inch of this novel is delightful. From the start Marjorie Corrigan felt like a friend, one I was glad to see each time I returned to her story. With charming characters and a plot that keeps moving, this is a novel you don’t want to miss. Jennifer Lamont Leo is a fresh voice in Christian fiction. I can’t wait to read more of her work.

Susie Finkbeiner, author of A Cup of Dust: A Novel of the Dust Bowl

“A delightful story that brings us back to the true meaning of Christmas. Marjorie is a wonderful character that brings to life the era of the roaring twenties. My only disappointment was that I wanted the story to continue.” (an Amazon reader)

“A delightful short story that will steal your heart and bring a tear to your eye. Marjorie Corrigan’s heart is in the right place, but even the best of hearts needs a reminder now-and-then on the special joys of Christmas.” (an Amazon reader)

“I love Marjorie’s character. . . . Such vivid imagery and am transported back into another time.(an Amazon reader)

“Transports me to a another era and manages, even in this short story format, to provide rich, delightful characters.” (an Amazon reader)

“What a sweet story. Not just for Christmas, though. It’s a touching tale for any day. I can’t wait to read more about Marjorie Corrigan. Jennifer Lamont Leo is a name to watch.” (an Amazon reader)

“Reading this short story will please your palate. It is an appetizer. It tantalizes your taste buds for more about Marjorie; a character with whom you get to know so well you would recognize her if you saw her on a busy street corner. Reading “The Christmas Robe” will remind you of the goodness that is found in common ordinary people like Marjorie, like you and like me. Read it and you will be pleased that you did.” (an Amazon reader)