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Sparkling Vintage Style: Lounging Around

Here’s another great video from vintage-wear icon Lilly Jarlsson. Love her! This time she talks about what to wear when lounging around at home.

I, too, hate jeans, plus my body shape is not the least bit flattered by jeans. So why do I keep wearing them?? *sigh* Old habits die hard. Bring on the soft cotton and rayon!

Dressing with a Vintage Vibe (31 Days of a Sparkling Vintage Fall, Day 8)

I was THRILLED to stumble upon this kindred spirit in all things vintage. Her name is Lilly Jarlsson and she lives in Germany. We share a similar philosophy of vintage-but-not-costumey (but she does it so very much more charmingly than I do. I have much to learn!). Check out her YouTube channel and enjoy this video on dressing with a vintage vibe for fall and winter.